Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
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Information and solutions for black mold, mildew, and black mold fungus.


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Mold Testing and Test Kits

Professional Mold & Mildew Test Kit   -   For use in homes, offices and industrial settings.

Our simple do-it-yourself test identifies dangerous molds & mildew within 48 hours. We also offer an optional lab analysis, which indicates the exact count and type of mold & mildew present.

3 Choices of Sampling

Our test kit offers three (3) different types of sampling methods, depending on your application needs. Directions below.

Method 1: taking a sample from a visual growth area.

Method 2: taking a 10 minute air sample of the HVAC system.

Method 3: taking an air sample using our settling plate technique.

All three methods will provide detailed information about the type of mold or mildew present in a home or office. For a complete report, after sampling, follow the enclosed instructions and send the petri dish to PRO-LAB for a detailed analysis report. This information will be useful to determine an individual's allergy treatment and the cleaning or removal of the mold.

The PRO-LAB Professional Mold & Mildew Test Kit is designed to detect whether harmful mold and mildew is present in a home or office.

We strongly urge you do 2 or 3 tests in various locations around your home
or office.


PRO-LAB's Mold & Mildew Test Kit utilizes patented laboratory analytical method
for accuracy and reliability.  Safe and Easy To Use -  Basements, classrooms, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, on walls, carpets, couches, drywall and more...

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

DIRECTIONS ( petri dish setup)

1. Remove the petri dish and lay it on a level surface with the lid side up.
DO NOT TOUCH the inside of the petri dish or expose it to outside
air until you are ready to use it.

2. Lift the lid of the petri dish and pour the mold medium into the
dish bottom. Replace the lid and swirl gently until the bottom is completely
covered. Allow to harden for exactly 1 hour on a level surface.

3. Determine which sampling method you would like to use and proceed to that methods directions.

Note: you may conduct only one testing method per petri dish.

Method 1: Visual sampling
a. After you have completed the petri dish setup, locate the visual mold or mildew growth.
b. Take the enclosed sterile swab and wipe the tip across the visual mold growth. (The mold must adhere to the swab tip.)
c. Transport the mold from the visual growth to the petri dish. Lift the lid of the petri dish and very gently wipe the mold sample from the tip of the swab across the top surface of the medium on the Petri dish, allowing the mold to adhere.
d. Once sampling is completed, replace the lid and proceed to the lab results directions.

Method 2: HVAC air sampling (duct tape or electrical tape is required)

a. After you have completed the petri dish setup, locate the air vent which is the furthest away from the main HVAC system.
b. Lift the lid of the petri dish and tape the open dish against the open air vent. Close all of the remaining air vents that are on the system.
c. Turn the system fan on high for a ten (10) minute period, allowing the forced air to hit the inside surface of the petri dish.
d. Once the ten (10) minute period is complete, remove the petri dish from the air vent, replace the lid and proceed to the lab results directions.

Method 3: Settling plate air sampling

a. After you have completed the petri dish setup, carry the petri dish to the
room where you want to test and locate a steady surface.(Ex: table)
b. Lift the lid of the petri dish and leave it open to the environment for a one (1) hour period.
c. Once the one(1) hour period is complete, replace the lid and proceed to the lab results directions.

Note: One mold sample per kit.  All sampling methodologies are subject to the occurance of false negatives and false positive results.

Black Mold and Stachybotrys FAQ  Learn More

Do ozone generators work?  Learn More

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Professional Laboratories Inc., the industries leading environmental testing laboratory based on proven accuracy, reliability and convenience.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics was founded in 1974 with its head office in Toronto, Canada and subsidiaries in the UK and USA. The company has demonstrated the achievement of quality standards in attaining both ISO 9001 and FDA registration.

Pro-Lab distributes as well as manufactures products within a limited few immunodiagnostic lab sectors. The company has been successful in achieving steady growth over the years mainly due to a narrowly focused product offering and professional technical support capabilities.


Call Us: 1- 855 - 855 - 1976


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