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Are You Suffering From Mold Spore Induced Allergies and Asthma?

Out With the Mold Spore, In With the News:
AAAAI offers tips for eliminating mildew in homes and businesses

MILWAUKEE—Recent news stories indicate out of control mold spore growth has caused people to abandon their homes and close their businesses, leading to millions of dollars in lost business or homeowner’s insurance claims. This can also have a devastating impact on individuals. For many people, athese are an allergy trigger that brings on sneezing and other irritating symptoms.

"There is good evidence that people who live in moldy environments have increased health problems including asthma, nasal congestion, and possible fatigue, headaches and other problems that are not well understood," said Jay Portnoy, MD, FAAAAI. "Avoidance may improve these symptoms."

The best way to find molds is to look in dark, damp, warm environments. It can grow almost anywhere: on sheet rock, carpet, wood panels, garbage cans and basement walls. It can even grow in areas that are not easily visible, such as inside walls and furniture. Excessive indoor humidity, resulting in water vapor condensation on walls, plumbing leaks, spills from showering or bathing, water leaking through foundations or roofs, may lead to growth.

Exposure can trigger allergic reactions in people who have allergies. Symptoms include wheezing, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, nasal and sinus congestion, irritated eyes, a dry, hacking cough, irritated nose or throat and skin rashes or irritation.

Mold Spore Problems?

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Controlling the problem
According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), taking the following steps to rid your home or business of mold spore can lead to a decrease in allergy symptoms and lessen the potential burden on your pocketbook:

  • Clean the area- Use a solution of water and dish detergent to clean the area.. Then wipe it all down, making sure to dry any excess water. Remember to wear rubber gloves and use a protective mask if your symptoms are severe.
  • Remove the source- If mildew is visible in carpeting or on wallpaper, remove them from your home. Also, if you have a leaky pipe or roof, quickly repair and seal these moisture sources.
  • Dry it out- Use exhaust fans in the bathroom and wipe down the shower after use. Periodically clean the bathroom and other mold-promoting places with a product that kills mildew, and throw away shower curtains at the first sign of growth of any kind.
  • Lower humidity- Try to maintain a humidity level of 30 to 40 percent in your house.
  • Stay above ground- In general, it’s not a good idea for people with allergies to have a bedroom or a family/work room in the basement.
  • Air it out- Ventilate damp rooms, attics and even crawl spaces under the house to try to keep them dry. If you use a dehumidifier, empty and clean it regularly to prevent problems from forming. Also, air filters may help control airborne mold spores throughout your house.

All rooms, especially basements, bathrooms and kitchens, require ventilation and consistent cleaning to control growth.

Toxic molds
There are 100,000 types of mold spore, however, only a few are toxic. These molds produce chemicals called mycotoxins that can cause rashes, seizures, respiratory problems, unusual bleeding and severe fatigue in people.

One form is stachybotrys chartarum (stack-ee-BOT-ris), a greenish-black mold that occurs where there is moisture from water damage, excessive humidity, water leaks, condensation, water infiltration, or flooding. This form requires very wet or high humid conditions for days or weeks in order to grow. Stachybotrys grows only on wood, paper and cotton products and can be found in 2%-5% of American homes.

"Since most molds are not toxic, you should not panic if you see it in your house," Portnoy said. "If you think you have symptoms that are related to molds, you should contact your local allergist for advice. Your allergist also should be able to tell whether your home needs to be inspected and how to get that done."

For more information on these allergies, visit the Media Resources section of the AAAAI for allergy and mold spore statistics.

The AAAAI is the largest professional medical specialty organization in the United States representing allergists, asthma specialists, clinical immunologists, allied health professionals and others with a special interest and treatment of allergic disease. Allergy/immunology specialists are pediatric or internal medicine physicians who have elected an additional two years of training to become specialized in the treatment of asthma, allergy and immunologic disease. Established in 1943, the Academy has more that 6,000 members in the United States, Canada, and 60 other countries. The Academy serves as an advocate to the public by providing educational information through its Web site or the toll free Physician Referral and Information Line at 1-800-822-2762.

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