Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
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Information and solutions for black mold, mildew, and black mold fungus.


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Black Mold and Insurance Companies

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 2002--Responding to a rising tide of mold-related insurance claims and lawsuits, insurance companies are refusing to write policies on homes and commercial buildings if prior water damage claims have been made or if inspections turn up the potential for mold problems, according to Jenny Jones, president and CEO of Elkins/Jones, a leading property insurance brokerage firm.

In addition, companies are starting to non-renew policies with prior water damage activity. ``Problems in obtaining homeowner insurance could delay thousands of home sales in California,'' says Jones, pointing out that home sales have been one of the strongest pillars of the economy. She notes that most mortgage lenders require that a homeowner policy be issued before closing a home loan. Recently, an insurer refused to cover 10,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home because the company's inspector found water build-up in the pool house, Jones reports.

Mold Insurance

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California closely follows Texas in mold-related claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute, and last year a jury awarded $18.5 million in damages to a California homeowner, of which $18 million was punitive damages. ``If current trends continue, and a mold exclusion is not passed by the Department of Insurance, major insurance companies may consider not selling new homeowner policies in California as they already have in
Texas,'' Jones adds. ``This could have a disastrous affect on our economy
and the livelihoods of homebuilders, realtors, escrow companies and
others,'' she says. A more likely possibility is that premiums will escalate
significantly. One insurance company says premiums could increase as
much as 40 percent to handle the volume of claims stemming from mold.

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