Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
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Information and solutions for black mold, mildew, and black mold fungus.


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Effective Ways Of Killing Annoying Mold Spore In Your Home.

The ONLY way to permanently protect your home from mold spore infiltration is to control the environment by keeping the temperature within 65-70 Fahrenheit and the relative humidity within 45%-65%. Prevention is the key, but if you do experience an outbreak, there are means for clean-up and recovery. Killing mold spore can be difficult but the only safe and effective way to keep it from coming back is to modify the environment which contributed to the development in the first place.

There are a number of factors which influence growth: environmental humidity and moisture content of materials, temperature, air circulation, light, and the chemical composition of potential substrates. Each of these is discussed here in relation to the environments which will inhibit or promote growth.

Killing Mold Spore

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Air Drying 

Air drying of damp, moldy items will inactivate the spores, though it should be done in an area that is vented to the outside or isolated, to prevent the spreading of spores.

Ultra-violet light

U-V light inhibits growth and may actually kill it. It is not, however, recommended as a full-scale treatment on books and papers because the amount of exposure necessary for removing the containment would induce fading and accelerate aging. However, it has been suggested as a possible step in treating small, localized outbreaks. Place the book or document outdoors, fanned open, in the sun, for no longer than 30 minutes. Follow up with cleaning. Do not leave books and papers outside overnight, as temperature changes may cause condensation to form. If the book is placed back into a suitable environment, the combination of removing the visible mold and allowing the book to dry out in the sun may halt the further growth and spread. Books should not be placed outdoors if the relative humidity is above 65%. This process needs careful and continued monitoring, and may not be feasible for an outbreak affecting a large quantity of material.

Cleaning the Storage Area 

Begin by vacuuming the area. Then, shelves, floors, walls, ceilings, and windows should be cleaned with a mildew killing solution, such as Sporex, sold on this site. Make sure the area is properly ventilated while cleaning. It may also be necessary, depending upon how serious the infestation is, to remove and clean carpets and drapery. Ducts, filters and heat-exchange coils in HVAC systems should be checked and replaced or cleaned with a mildew killing household cleaner. Some type of air purifier should also be introduced into the area.

Odor removal. Charcoal and/or baking soda can be used to remove the moldy odors, if the treatment has not done so. Simply place briquettes and/or bowls of baking soda in the area to absorb the odor.

Monitoring. Continue to monitor the area after clean-up and recovery. Changes in the environment should have been made (either before or during treatment) to reduce the possibility of future outbreaks; i.e., humidity and temperature control established, air circulation improved, leaks fixed or other sources of moisture removed. Nonetheless, careful watch should be kept over treated collections to prevent new outbreaks.

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