Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
Black Mold Air Purifiers and Filters
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Information and solutions for black mold, mildew, and black mold fungus.


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The Dallas Morning News                       Check List for Clean Up

After finding black mold in a custodian's closet last week, the city of Frisco has decided to check all its occupied municipal buildings for the potentially toxic fungus.

"We're trying to be proactive and do the right thing and make sure that we're providing as safe a workplace as possible for our employees," Jason Gray, assistant to the city manager, said Wednesday.

Officials are in the process of hiring a consultant to do the testing.

They will inspect the largest city-owned buildings first, including the Frisco Municipal Complex, central fire station, Frisco Senior Adult Center and Superdrome.

Black Mold In Schools

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Dealing with black mold

Black mold grows on fibrous materials in damp areas.

"Small amounts of black mold are really fairly common problems that homeowners deal with," Ms. Soper said. First, they should determine why the mold occurs, she said. For instance, if the cause is a water leak or moisture problem, that should be addressed.

"Our viewpoint is that any kind of mold can potentially cause health problems for some people, so it all should be treated with the same level of concern."

Above excerpt from the Dallas Morning News


Investigate and evaluate moisture and mold problems

  • Assess size of moldy area (square feet)
  • Consider the possibility of hidden mold
  • Clean up small mold problems and fix moisture problems before they become large problems
  • Select remediation manager for medium or large size mold problem
  • Investigate areas associated with occupant complaints
  • Identify source(s) or cause of water or moisture problem(s)
  • Note type of water-damaged materials (wallboard, carpet, etc.)
  • Check inside air ducts and air handling unit
  • Throughout process, consult qualified professional if necessary or desired

Communicate with building occupants at all stages of process,
as appropriate

  • Designate contact person for questions and comments about medium or large scale remediation as needed

Plan remediation

  • Adapt or modify remediation guidelines to fit your situation; use professional judgment
  • Plan to dry wet, non-moldy materials within 48 hours to prevent mold growth
  • Select cleanup methods for moldy items
  • Select Personal Protection Equipment - protect remediators
  • Select containment equipment - protect building occupants
  • Select remediation personnel who have the experience and training needed to implement the remediation plan and use Personal Protection Equipment and containment as appropriate

Remediate moisture and mold problems

  • Fix moisture problem, implement repair plan and/or maintenance plan
  • Dry wet, non-moldy materials within 48 hours to prevent mold growth
  • Clean and dry moldy materials
  • Discard moldy porous items that can't be cleaned

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